Pull your weight, you are truly slothful

Oh the greatest inertia do exist. I follow the same routine every day. Wake up, go to school, come back home and repeat. Routine creates boredom. So I began talking more to people. I'm not an introvert by choice but by fate. I will try to be nice, friendly and maybe even approachable. I know I …


Unfathomable feelings

The clouds are passing by  With nowhere the sun can hide The sky is changing Just like a painting  Surreal, unreal, ethereal But underneath the sky Lies a flower yet to bloom Just learnt about famous French impressionist Monet in my financial accounting class, how queer. His paintings are so intriguing and magical.

Snow flower part IV

It's been 3 years since she left. The little girl who turned into pixels in the sky. No one knew what really happened, we just buried that memory at the back of our tiny leaf brains. It's a sunny day today and it's the beginning of summer. Today, a sunflower sprouted out. It was sheltered …

Save me..

I am dreaming... or at least I've my eyes closed wild and young I am chasing visions of my future... where do I go from here trembling as I run forward... when things are falling apart take a jump into the cold ocean... feel the warmth of earth the fire burning deep within... that deep …

This doesn’t mean a thing

When this is read, You will feel nothing What is this you ask This is this This is a passage Of this and that With this And that You will complete The reading of This passage This is My take On nothingness